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Seller Tips

When it comes time to sell your home, there are many helpful tips that can make this process easier for you.  Below we have defined home selling advice that we give to our very own clients.


First Impressions are lasting

Most buyers will form their first impression of your home before they even step out of their cars.  How attractive and well maintained a home is from the curb (its "curb appeal") sets the tone for what the buyer is going to think of the inside of the house.  If a buyer likes the exterior, he/she will be predisposed to like the interior or be more responsive to minor changes that may need to take place on the inside of the home.

Make your home pristine

The location and condition of your home are two things that can move buyers to pay more for your home.  You can't change a homes location, but you can change the condition of your home.  Buyers who lack vision believe their is a huge difference in value for a home that does not require any work and one that needs work.  Although homes may be priced according to the amount of work needed, the average buyer will choose a home that is turn-key and in pristine condition over one that needs work.  Show price of ownership in your home and get it in pristine condition before listing it for sale.

Price it Right

Fair market value attracts buyers, while overpricing does not.  Homes that are priced correctly and in line with the market move faster than those that are overpriced.  It is easy to get greedy as a seller and list your home for more than its market value in order to yield higher profit.  Although this may seem like an intelligent move, homes that are overpriced sit on the market longer and lose the most valuable market time during the first two weeks of the listing.  The market does not lie, so do not try to trick it.

Keep Negotiations Friendly

Negotiation is a fine art and often works best when both parties feel that they are getting what they want.  It is important to respond to buyers negotiations in a timely manner, with proper documentation in order to keep the process clear and concise.  You will be able to quickly tell if a buyer is sincere or if they are not negotiating in good faith.  By keeping these negotiations friendly and timely, it is easier to communicate and reach agreement more quickly.

Remove Clutter

Buyers have a hard time seeing past clutter in a home.  Although you may not realize it, clutter accumulates through the years of living in a home and commonly collects on shelves, counter tops, drawers, closets, garages and basements to name a few.  Even though you may be emotionally attached to these items, it is important to keep your home clear of clutter when putting it on the market.  If you have a hard time seeing it yourself, have a friend or your real estate professional make recommendations on what items to remove.